Friday, 9 September 2016

How to fix turn on USB storage in android

      Many android devices doesn't show turn on USB storage option when connected to a computer due to driver problems.

To fix this problem, We can use a simple app namely "USB DRIVER FOR ANDROID"

You can get this app from google play store using the following link.
                 USB driver for android

After installing the app,

1.Connect your mobile to computer using USB cable
2.Open this app.
3.Turn on USB debugging and MTP.

Now your mobile's internal & external storages are connected to your computer.


  1. it does'nt work for me, My problem is with my android so my Windwos PC and USB Cable work with other phones.

    1. My problem was also exactly same like yours.. But this method worked for me.

  2. When i am connecting my mobile to pc it is only charging not showing my mobile storage on pc.Though I selected usb debugging then MTP but it us not working pls help with any other way.